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Medical tourism in Romania

medical tourism at swiss clinics romania

The growing number of requests from our clients and partners was the main argument for setting up a specialized medical tourism department for cosmetic surgeries.

Swiss Clinics is a well-known cosmetic surgery and beauty clinic that helps many women and men look amazing. The professional team of plastic surgeons managed to restore confidence in people but also offer them an exceptional attitude.

At Swiss Clinics, we believe that cosmetic surgery creates miracles for anybody who wants to fight the ageing process and erase years off their bodies. This is why, when it comes to medical tourism, we consider and respect every client and help them to make the best decision regarding their external appearance.

Why medical tourism to Romania for cosmetic surgery?

Medical tourism is when a person travels to another country for medical care. The reasons can be various, but most of the time, the professionalism of the medical staff and the costs involved are the key factors for the person choosing health travel.

Whether you search for better treatments or plastic surgeon procedures abroad, Romania is a destination country. It’s not only about the professionalism of the medical personnel in our clinics but also about the opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

By coming to Romania, you’re not only taking advantage of the latest cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures but also having the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe.

Our main clinic is in Bucharest and, if you check the latest travel guides, Bucharest offers some of the most spectacular attractions, including architectural gems of the past, old buildings, nightlife, restaurants with tasty food and five-star hotels to accommodate you during your staying here.

The quality of the cosmetic surgery we offer to our health travel clients

The existence of many specialists and the international recognition of the medical education system in Romania have made our country a trendy destination on the world map of medical tourism and health travel.

Tens of thousands of health travellers head for Romania each year. They look for all sorts of procedures, from medical to cosmetic surgery, from dental to esthetics. They all know the quality of the medical and cosmetic care in Romania, trust our doctor’s abilities to perform the desired procedures, and are also happy with the prices, which are lower than in their country of origin.

Medical tourism packages in Romania benefit from the competitive ratio between the advantage of outstanding medical procedures and very affordable costs for the medical tourist arriving at our clinics.

We provide patients worldwide with advantageous packages in cosmetic surgery, dentistry and non-invasive treatments.

Medical tourism – cosmetic procedures available at Swiss Clinics

Surgery Aesthetic

breast implant medical tourism
breast lift medical tourism
breast reduction medical tourism
face lifting medical tourism
rhinoplasty ultrasonic medical tourism
liposuction vaser medical tourism
BBL lipotransfer medical tourism
gluteal implant medical tourism
hyaluronic acid buttock medical tourism

Dentistry & Dental Aesthetics

Veneers medical tourism

What does medical tourism mean for us at Swiss Clinics?

Medical tourism at Swiss Clinics means outstanding results, both in terms of medical procedures and accommodation. Our team coordinates all the details for your medical vacation. You choose the medical procedures you want, the accommodation and the trip duration. We take care of everything:


The professional doctors deal with medical investigations in the morning, and in the evening, you can visit the area’s tourist attractions.

Medical tourism reviews at Swiss Clinics

A great experience regarding the breast implant at Swiss. The staff is great. Doctors are wonderful people who have made everything possible. I had a lot of patience, compassion, care and professionalism.
I highly recommend this clinic!

  • Stephanie Michelle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I came to Romania, especially for nose surgery, and I can say that I am most satisfied with the results. Very nice clinic, services and staff too!!! 🙂

  • Mathew Albert ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I had long dreamed of a Brazilian ass. I am glad that I chose the Swiss Clinics in Romania to make this major change in my life. High quality in terms of procedure and care of doctors. Thank you so much!

  • Laura W ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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